Suicide/Emotional Distress: 988
or text "HOME" to : 741741
Substance Use Disorders: : 800-662-4357
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Suicide/Emotional Distress: 988
or text "HOME" to : 741741
Substance Use Disorders: 800-662-4357
More helplines

About us

LiFe Foundation was established in May 2022 as a non-profit corporation in Arizona and we received our IRS determination as a 501(c)(3) public charity later that year.

Although LiFe Foundation and SC del Sol are separate legal entities, we formed a partnership to achieve the Mission and Vision of the Foundation. The sudden and tragic loss of two SC del Sol players was the motivation to establish the Foundation.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-access information and other resources on mental and emotional health to the players, and their parents and coaches.

The partnership with SC del Sol allows the Foundation to test and evaluate the best outreach methodologies in the controlled setting of a medium size soccer club. We have added both a parent and a player to our Board of Directors to represent and advise us how best to reach our target audience: players, parents, and coaches. Although there are some barriers to addressing mental health issues for this audience, we actively design unique, contemporary strategies to overcome them.

As our outreach programming is developed, improved, and proven, we will partner with other soccer clubs, and then expand to other sports. All youth athletes face the same daunting issues today, and the LiFe Foundation is committed to having the broadest impact.

LiFe Foundation is the only organization that focuses on young athletes, and because they are legal minors, we also focus on their parents. The Foundation uses this website to present well-curated and organized information easily accessible to anyone. We endorse promotional activities and peer collaborations to inform our audiences about this information so that they can easily find the resources to help them understand mental and emotional health issues prior to and when they face them. The Foundation is developing a mobile App to provide immediate access to help in times of crisis.

Our Mission

The LiFe Foundation provides professional assistance and guidance to SC Del Sol and other sport clubs to provide mental and emotional health resources to athletes, and their parents and coaches. Our goal is to develop complete athletes on the field and confident well adjusted young adults off the field prepared to handle the challenges of LiFe.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop an effective and sustainable program to address and improve the mental and emotional well-being of young players, their parents, and their coaches. The program will be continuously reviewed by certified psychologists for its benefits and impacts and will be modified as necessary as we learn better ways to reach our target audiences.  The Foundation will secure sufficient long-term funding to both sustain and expand the program.

The "L" and the "F" in LiFe

Luc Plaque Pic2

Luc Treadwell

Luc Treadwell was born in Ouagadougou, in the West African country of Burkina Faso, on October 5th, 1998. His family relocated to Phoenix within a few months, and he grew up and lived in the Valley of the Sun. He was a most avid reader and was known to discuss books he was reading with one of his teammate's Mom after practices.

He started playing soccer at four years and continued until sixteen. Luc was a talented player and played on competitive teams in both 3x3 soccer and for SC del Sol. In 2007, his 3v3 team placed 13th at the National Championships held at the Disney Wide World of Sports in Orlando. His club team placed as high as 3rd in the Arizona State Cup, with Luc scoring the winning goal in a penalty shoot-out. His soccer also took him to Albuquerque and La Cruces New Mexico (and White Sands National Monument), Denver, Seattle, and many trips Las Vegas and California cities (and the ocean).

Luc also developed both a talent and passion for entertaining. One of his early forays was jerk dancing and there is still a video of these efforts on YouTube. He started free-styling and writing lyrics in high school and soon became committed to rap music. In his own words (from his song This Year), "In love with this music it's my passion it shows." He recorded both songs and videos and had several gigs to open shows in Arizona. Luc's final album was TKALLTHEWAY. The TK was for his stage name, "Tre Koast."

In 2019, Luc and his Mom went to Africa, where Luc was able to reconnect with his original roots and homeland, to meet some of his other family, and to have a better understanding of his unique multi-cultural heritage.

Luc was unexpectedly taken on January 16, 2020, by gun violence.

Luc also wrote: "I'm looking at life through a different lens." He truly is.

Freddie face cropped

Freddie Torres

Freddie Torres was born in Phoenix, Arizona on January 7, 2004. He grew up with a large family surrounded by love. He was raised by two loving parents and was the middle child of three with an older sister and younger brother. Freddie began playing soccer at the age of 5. He quickly fell in love with the sport and was rarely ever seen without his soccer ball. His dream was to become a professional soccer player and he started his journey at the age of nine when he began playing club soccer.

He was introduced to a world of opportunity and was invited to the US SOCCER YMT regional identification tryouts on three separate occasions in 2017, 2019, and 2021. He also attended the ODP west regional camp and was selected to play in the west region ODP inter-regional in December of 2018. Although he was not able to attend, he made up for it when his team was victorious the following year in the 2019 ODP West Championship. Unfortunately, he was unable to accept his 2021 invitation due to receiving a concussion on 2 separate occasions in December 2020 and February 2021. Due to his injuries, he made the difficult but necessary decision to no longer play competitive soccer. During his years playing competitive soccer, Freddie traveled to many places. Beyond Arizona, he played in Utah, multiple venues in California, Florida, Idaho, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Chicago, Illinois. He also went to England with his team.

On and off the field Freddie was someone that people looked up to. His moral compass and kind nature made him not only a phenomenal player but an all-around amazing person. He cared so much for life and if he could, he would have saved every stray animal and given every homeless person a home. He couldn't help but to light up every room he entered with his big, genuine smile.

Despite the smile that Freddie displayed for the world, he privately battled with anxiety and depression along with an undiagnosed mental illness. The combination of these ultimately led to his untimely passing on November 15, 2021. He was only 17 years old.

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Meet our Board of Directors

This text briefly introduces visitors to your main services.

B. Dean Treadwell

Executive Director

Dean Treadwell is the founder of LiFe Foundation and currently serves as the Executive Director. He retired from the Arizona Game and Fish Department in 2019 after nearly fifteen years, and before that he worked as a consultant in natural resource and wildlife management in developing countries for nearly twenty years. In addition to his technical expertise, he also served as the business manager for the American University of the Caribbean in Haiti, and the Research Branch of Game and Fish. In 2012, Dean was designated as a Certified Public Manager by the College of Public Program at Arizona State University.

Dean’s son, Luc, was born in West Africa and later played for SC del Sol for 10 years. He was lost to gun violence early in 2020. The support of SC del Sol coaches after Luc’s passing was a major factor behind Dean’s decision to start a foundation to help young athletes deal better with the complexities of life and decision-making in today’s world.

Although not near to being an expert in non-profit corporations or the mental and emotional health of young players, Dean’s management style is to surround himself with knowledgeable and motivated people, encourage ideas and discuss all options, try to move to a consensus on actions needed to achieve a desired goal, and then implement and evaluate an ever-developing program.

Pete Leebrook

Vice Chairperson

Pete Leebrook is the current Boys Director of Coaching at SC del Sol. He has been with the club since 2005 and has held a USSF A License since 1998.

Pete played professional soccer in the UK for Burnley FC (1984-1988) and English XI semi-pro (1988-1994). He represented Great Britain in two World Student Games (1988 and 1994).

From 1990 to 1993 he attended Newcastle University in the UK and received his BA in Sports Studies (with Honors) and then a Post Graduate Certification in Education from De Montford University (1993-1994). This allowed Pete to launch his post-playing career in coaching and education. Pete has been coaching youth soccer and teaching in the UK, Canada and the U.S. for nearly 30 years.

Another keen interest of Pete’s is special needs children. He heads up the Special Olympics program at SC del Sol and has worked with special needs children in schools. Pete has orchestrated many retreats for players not only for soccer skills and strategies but to help educate and bring awareness to the incredible power and significance of their everyday thoughts.

Pete coached both Luc and Freddie, the “L” and the “F” in LiFe.

Pete adds the following to his bio, “I am extremely excited to be part of this motivated group to help our youth with one of modern-day society’s biggest challenges – Mental Health.”

Dr. Paul Standley


Associate Dean of Curriculum and Professor of Basic Sciences, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Dr. Paul Standley trained in Michigan as a medical physiologist. His NIH-funded research focused on biomechanical regulation of gene expression as it relates to repetitive motion injury and extracorporeal treatments. He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and book chapters and currently serves as Associate Dean of Curriculum and Professor of Basic Sciences at The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. He has taught medical students for over 30 years and has served as a founding faculty member at two new medical schools in Arizona. As a father of two adult children, including a son who played for S C Del Sol for 10 years, he is keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges today’s youth face while achieving great things. He strongly supports connecting youths and young adults with mentors to share ideas, solve problems, develop projects, and achieve their goals.

Hastings Brislin

My name is Hastings Brislin, I am a junior at Brophy College Prep. I play MLS Next soccer for SC del Sol. I have a younger brother (Blake) and a dog (Okie). We live in central Phoenix with my parents. I strive every day to be a very kind and friendly person to my family and friends. I am always there for them if they need me. It’s important to me to be a very welcoming person to all I meet.

I took this position on the LiFe Foundation Board of Directors because I know how important mental health is in today’s world. The loss of Luc and Freddie was devastating for our soccer club and for me. These two players were near my age and in high school or recently graduated. Life can be very stressful for people for all sorts of different reasons. I want to make sure that players just like me have the resources they need to help with their mental and emotional health. No one should feel alone when life is hard.

Dr. Al Ledet

Al Ledet, Psy.D. is a postdoctoral resident with Wooten & Associates completing the final training and supervision for licensure as a Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Ledet has more than 20 years of experience in various clinical and athletic positions that have helped to form his vision of becoming a clinically astute Psychologist. Dr. Ledet believes that diversity extends beyond ethnicity. It encompasses the diversity of experiences and perspectives that each of us brings to the table. Dr. Ledet plans to specialize in a range of performance-based interventions designed to support individuals’ pursuit of balance, well-being, growth, and development, while involved with rigorous competition.

Additionally, his experiences with adults and adolescents in general mental health and substance abuse settings, have given him a deep understanding of the importance of psychology in all life domains, and how these principles can be applied in various settings, from schools to workplaces. These experiences have taught him invaluable life lessons about self-awareness, mind-body connective work, discipline, teamwork, and resilience. From his unique perspective on performance psychology, he more clearly sees the critical role these principles play in helping individuals overcome challenges.

Heather Straight

Heather is currently in her PsyD, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology program with Northern Arizona University. She previously has a master’s in business administration with a concentration in Business Psychology. She completed her undergraduate degree at Utah State University where she also played Division 1 softball. She earned several honors while in college athletics including female athlete of the year at Utah State and a NJCAA Division 1 National Championship with Pima Community College.

Heather is focusing her studies in working with athletes both sports and tactical. She is interested in motivation, mental performance, team dynamics and the overall mental health of the individuals she works with. She enjoys neuro-psychology assessments and provides untraditional therapy practices to ages 14 to 24.

Heather is currently working as a counselor for the 988 Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline. She specializes in crisis management and providing a therapeutic safe place for people in need. She also provides workshops to sports teams, coaches, and first responders in mental health first aid and applied suicide intervention. Additionally, Heather teaches as an adjunct professor at the Arizona College of Nursing, teaching introductory psychology courses. She also shares her passion of softball through coaching; she enjoys coaching individual lessons for softball pitchers as well as strength and conditioning for young female athletes.

Although there is not a lot of time outside of school, work and coaching, Heather still finds time to enjoy the sunshine of southern AZ, she enjoys camping and hiking with her Dalmatian, Mickey who has recently graduated with her Canine Good Citizen and working towards her certification as a Therapy Dog!

Dr. Yoendry Torres

Dr. Yoendry Torres is a licensed clinical psychologist, 4th dan black belt in Taekwondo (TKD) and 3rd Class Kukkiwon International Master Instructor. Dr. Torres also competes in the World Class Males under 50 division of Olympic Sport Taekwondo Poomsae with USA Taekwondo and AAU Taekwondo.

Dr. Torres earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) with a specialization in family therapy in 2009. Prior to that Dr. Torres earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology with Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University in 2003 and an Associate in Arts Degree with Highest Honors with Distinction from Miami-Dade Community College in 2001.

Dr. Torres was born in Cuba and is an entrepreneur starting several small businesses including co-founding Intuition Wellness, an pediatric integrated healthcare center in Tucson, AZ and Sana Network an online healthcare provider directory and networking website. Dr. Torres also developed TKD Wellness as a merging of two arts, martial arts and psychotherapy. TKD Wellness’ purpose is to improve the health and joy in our community. To that end, the curriculum at TKD Wellness is focused on fun, fitness and empowerment.