Suicide/Emotional Distress: 988
or text "HOME" to : 741741
Substance Use Disorders: : 800-662-4357
More helplines

Suicide/Emotional Distress: 988
or text "HOME" to : 741741
Substance Use Disorders: 800-662-4357
More helplines

Breaking the stigma,scoring for mental health.

We empower youth soccer athletes, and their parents and coaches, to better understand and find help for mental health and emotional well-being needs.

Mental Health Quote of the Day

"If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken."Selena Gomez

Source: Kimberly Zapata

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Who are you? How to use our website is open to all. There is no login, no user profile. You are anonymous to us. We want information and resources to be easily accessible to all.

If you are here with curiosity, that’s great. Just browse around to get some idea of what you can find on this website. If you’re here because you think something isn’t quite right, then congratulations. You are taking a positive step that many are afraid to take.​

Younger Players

We are happy that you are visiting our website. We hope you browse around and learn about the origins of LiFe Foundation and what our Mission and Vision are. You might find some of the blogs to be interesting and there is a lot of information on our RESOURCES page. Just taking a glance will give you an idea of what is available to you should you need it. We do encourage you to either invite one of your parents to browse this information with you, or at least share and discuss with them what information you have found that is of interest to you.
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Parents are essential to the success of the LiFe Foundation. By definition, “Youth Athletes” are minors. If they are having any issues, your participation is vital. Even though mental health is hard to talk about, and even though we all hope that nothing will happen to our kids, it does sometimes. Learn how to help, and more importantly, how to try and prevent.​
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Older Players

The teenage years are always difficult at times, but have become even more complicated as competition for grades, success at sports, and time for friends and family have gotten more intense. Social media certainly plays a role too. And sometimes unforeseen tragedies occur. Feelings of being overwhelmed and being alone can occur. You are also seeking to discover who you are and what your place and role in this world might be. Your mental and emotional well-being is an important part of you and deserves to be your focus when necessary. This website contains lots of information that can both educate you and help you to wade through any number of issues you may be facing.
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As coaches, you observe the development of your players multiple times each week and have known many of them for a year or more. You also have a keen interest in their well-being as well as their athletic skills. These players look up to you and most have confidence in you. You rank among the foremost figures in their lives. Learn more about what you can do to help maintain the well-being of your players and recognize when they might need some help.
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Book of the day

There are some amazing books that deal with mental health and other emotional issues. Give them a try!

Why your thinking is the beginning and end of suffering

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, saying things to ourselves that we'd never even think about saying to someone else. Learning to deal with negative thoughts and overcome them is a hard, but important, journey, and this book aims to take you on that.
Don't Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nguyen